The Best Trekking trip in Goa? Check out Dudhsagar Waterfall and you’ll know why this place is such a popular tourist attraction among trekkers! The waterfall flows over an ancient mountain, some 563 meters above sea level, and provides one of the most beautiful views in all of Goa! This walk from the railway track gives you an extraordinary view of the waterfall and its surrounding beauty of nature. It’s basically an enticing sight which will give you immense pleasure when the water gushes down like never before.

Best time to visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls:
The best time to visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls for trekking is from June to September. This is when the waterfalls are at their fullest and most beautiful. The wildlife sanctuary is also open during this time, so you can see some of India’s tallest waterfalls and during season time i.e. October to May you can go on a jeep safari.

Things to carry while trekking:
While trekking to Dudhsagar waterfall, it is important to carry some basic necessities with you such as water, food, first-aid, etc. It is also advisable to carry a map of the area as well as a compass. You should also carry raincoats & wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

How long does it take?
The Dudhsagar Waterfall is located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and takes about four hours one way trek. The tour starts at the base of the falls and then goes up to the top, where you can get a stunning view of the falls. You can also see some of the wildlife that inhabits the sanctuary, such as monkeys, deer, and birds.

How do I get there?
To get to the Dudhsagar Falls, you’ll need to take a train from Madgaon to Kulem. The falls are located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 60 kilometers from Madgaon/Panjim. From Kulem, you can either hike or take a jeep to the falls. The hike takes about four hours, while the jeep ride takes about 45 mins. Pickup/drop from north Goa hotels is also provided areas like Baga, Calangute, Candolim & Panjim.

Why go for this trip?
Best Trekking trip in Goa The Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Goa. It is located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and is a must-visit for all nature lovers. The best time to visit the falls is during the monsoon season from June to September, when the falls are at their fullest. The trek to the falls is an easy one and can be completed in a few hours. The views from the top are simply breathtaking and definitely worth the effort! You will also get a chance to see plenty of wildlife, including monkeys and birds, on your way down. For more information about the Dudhsagar waterfall trekking tours contact us today or fill out our contact form!